Are you considering storing your belongings in a self storage facility? If so, of course you are not alone. Self storage is currently a place that is widely used by people for both personal storage and business storage.

With thousands of self-storage on offer out there, it can be difficult to determine which self-storage facility is best for you. Fear not, because here we explain five qualities you should look for when choosing self-storage before you rent.

1. Self storage that has good security
One thing that a good self storage facility needs to have is security. Basically, your items will remain in the storage unit when you visit there. However, simply providing a key for the self storage unit is not enough. Self storage facilities must also have access gates to limit the number of people who can approach your belongings as well as have 24/7 surveillance by CCTV and security personnel to ensure that someone watches over the facility every second you are not there. With good security will give you peace of mind.
2. Self storage with various size options
When looking for self storage facilities, you will definitely look for self storage with enough space for all the things you have. That is why it is very important that self storage has facilities with various size options for storage units. With a facility that only provides several choices of self storage unit sizes, you will need several self storage units or rent a self storage unit with a lot of free space left in it. This will make you pay dearly for self storage.
With a wider range of choices, a good storage facility will offer the right amount of self storage unit space needs , from small, medium to large self storage. Better yet, the facility’s multiple size options mean you can conveniently resize the unit you need when the storage space you need changes.
3. Weather-resistant Self storage
It is clear that the best self storage facilities are those that provide weather-resistant storage units. That is, the facility provides the unit with temperature and humidity controlled to be at a consistent level. This is very important, because without weather resistance, the things you have will be destroyed.
In a typical storage unit, the items you have inside are subject to constant changes in temperature and humidity. Moisture can damage things, especially those made of wood and paper.
If a self storage facility does not provide a weatherproof storage unit, then the facility cannot promise to protect your belongings.
4. Self storage with pick-up and delivery services
One of the facilities that need to be in self-storage is a pick and delivery service. This service is great for seniors or those of you who don’t have the time or transportation needed to effectively move all of your items into self-storage. This facility will help you while moving and storing your belongings in the self storage unit.
5. Clean, pest-free self storage
The most basic but important thing in a self-storage unit is a pest-free storage facility. Self storage facilities that keep your belongings clean and pest-free can ensure that you don’t have to constantly check your items to make sure there is no damage to your items.

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