Currently online business is experiencing an increase. The reason is because online business is easy and convenient to do, especially the profits obtained from online business are very profitable. As an online business that deals with a large inventory of products, it is necessary to choose a space that provides sufficient or even extra storage. Therefore, you need to do your research to carefully select the size and location of the storage space for your business needs.

For many people, self storage has become the most profitable solution for good storage space and operations solutions for business owners. Below are reasons why self storage is very helpful for your online retail business.

1. In running an online retail business, it is very important to have a suitable space for the storage needs of goods, business files and documents, office furniture, and others according to the nature of your business. By using self storage you can accommodate storage requests because self storage allows you to run a business and store important items or inventory at the same time. You also have the freedom to increase and decrease the size version of the self storage at any time when you use the self storage unit.
At SpaceHub, we have a wide range of self storage sizes varies from small, medium, to the largest. SpaceHub provides a flexible service offering that allows you to resize the self storage unit to suit your needs.

2. Unlike other buildings, self storage is a storage space that is very suitable for retail businesses because it is more affordable. Renting self storage will reduce costs and produce a big advantage. That way, you can focus on growing your business and improving the quality of your products, services and customer experience.
We can help your business start comfortably. With various self storage sizes at an affordable price you can adapt your business to the size of self storage that you will rent. SpaceHub Storage is located in Jakarta and Tangerang so you can determine which location is suitable for your business.

3. Use self storage for your online retail business can ensure the safety of your goods, employees and business as a whole.
We provide supervision CCTV and 24/7 guard by staff to ensure a safe self-storage environment for employees and belongings in the room.

These are some of the reasons why online retail businesses need to use self storage as a place of storage and business activities. Choosing the right room will make it easier for your business so that it can be fulfilled and get overall benefits.

While it is important for those of you who have an online retail business to get proper self storage, make sure you also maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your employees.

If you want to know more about the self-storage available on SpaceHub, you can visit our website at There are various sizes of self-storage available for your online retail business needs.