Some of the items most prone to storing in storage units are fragile items such as antiques, mirrors, and glassware. In order to prevent damage to the goods during transport and storage, you must pack the goods properly.

Here are some tips you can do to pack and store your fragile items so they can be protected during transport, storage and retrieval.

1. Pack goods with appropriate boxes
Choosing the right storage box is important, because boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you need to choose the right storage box for the fragile items you have. There are three aspects to consider in choosing a storage box, namely size, type, and quality. You should choose a box of the right size to store all your belongings properly. You need to think carefully before packing fragile items into boxes because it will result in the goods being destroyed during the process of moving them for storage. You also shouldn’t leave too much space in the box, causing it to wobble in the box and make things shift and be susceptible to damage. For this type of box, you must use the right box according to the purpose of storage. For example, you have a series of antique glasses that you want to store, make sure you use a box designed to store glasses that have partitions in them. Then, you also need to choose a box with high quality because the box must have good cardboard strength. With a box that has a high quality will make your fragile items in the box safe during storage.

2. Add protective material to the storage box
It is very important to use bubble wrap or the like before placing fragile items and filling in the empty spaces in the box so that the items are not shaken. Then you can also add a layer of bubble wrap on the outside of the box such as the top and bottom of the box. This is to prevent your belongings from being crushed if another heavy box is accidentally placed on it.

3. Mark the box as fragile
Once you have packed your box properly and neatly, you can mark your box as fragile to ensure that the person moving the item can be careful. You can also indicate if the box must be kept upright to prevent damage to the item.

You need to pack your fragile items properly, especially when you store them in other places such as self storage so that your items are not damaged. To store your fragile items into self storage that you rent, of course, you will have to travel by transportation, so you really need to pay attention to the tips above so that the items you have can arrive in self storage safely and well stored in your self storage.

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