Owning a new home can be exciting, but it can also be a big step that can be frustrating during the moving process. Of course, it is not an easy task to pack all your belongings and furniture during the moving process. You need to make proper planning before packing. We will provide tips to help you get through this lengthy process with ease.

1. Making plans
Before you actually move into a new house, at least you can start making plans a month or two in advance so that when the day comes to move you experience the chaos of not preparing and packing early. You can start by making a list of the things you have. With this list you will find it much easier when packing and unpacking.

2. Opportunity to clean things
The process of making a list of the things you own is a great opportunity to review your stuff. You’re bound to find items that are no longer used, or that don’t suit your new home. You may consider selling, giving away or disposing of these items. But if you can’t let go of those items because you have emotional attachments, self-storage is a great solution.

Self storage is perfect for large and infrequently used items. If you have a large Christmas tree or other decoration that you only use once a year, you can use self storage as a safe storage area for your belongings.

At SpaceHub, you can store your belongings safely because it is monitored by CCTV for 24 hours and you can visit self storage 24/7 whenever you want. In addition, there are flexible storage options with various sizes that you can adjust to your needs. You can store items you rarely use or items you have fond memories of in self storage without making your new home full and cluttered with them.

3. Prioritize‚Äč
The reason why moving house is such a tiring and frustrating experience is that people tend to pack, move, and unpack all at once on the same day. When there are piles of boxes in every corner of the room in a new house, you will find it difficult to move let alone to organize the room. You need to consider prioritizing your items. This is where you will need a list of tone items that you have created. Before you pack you need to categorize your belongings such as items that you will need immediately after moving such as clothes and non-essential items such as books, photo frames and others.

You can store non-essential items in self storage before hand to keep them safe and unobtrusive when you bring your furniture and daily necessities to your new home. After all the important items are neatly arranged, you can bring some non-essential items from self-storage to your new home gradually to fill your new home. Using self-storage will help make it easier for you when moving house so as not to frustrate you.

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