A business that is growing, will need a lot of storage space for goods or products. For companies that are experiencing development, self storage need to be considered carefully because if a storage is overloaded because the goods or products stored will have an impact on the difficulty of checking the goods or products on the list. Therefore, companies should look for self storage or rent storage warehouses as the right solution for companies that do not have the funds to build or buy a new storage warehouse.

Leasing a self storage is necessary so that goods or products can be stored properly and inventory management can run well because it is the key to maintaining a balance between demand and supply in the market for successful business operations. Considering that this is a fundamental business step, it is important for companies to choose self storage facilities that best suit the company’s business needs.

1. The function of the self storage that will be rented
The first thing to consider before choosing the right self storage rental is the function of the self storage. The company must know the purpose of the self storage before renting. Every business has different goals when it comes to self storage. For example, if your company is engaged in the distribution of clothing to several stores in the city center, then you should choose a self storage that is located in an urban area close to these stores. Self storage locations that are close to clients will save time and money for the company. Self storage generally have two functions, namely as a distribution center and as a place to store goods. Therefore, the company must determine in advance the business objectives of the self storage that will be rented.

2. Self storage security level
One of the things that need to be considered before renting a self storage is the level of security that is owned by the self storage to be rented. Low security means the storage shed is at high risk of damage or theft. There are a variety of security features offered by self storage tenants. You need to know what security facilities you will get, then whether these security facilities are the best for your business and the goods that will be stored in the self storage.

3. Entrance Access to the Self Storage
Careful consideration should be given to entry and exit to the self storage. You need to pay attention to whether the access road to the self storage can be accessed easily. If you need a large self storage and need to use large transportation such as trucks or tronton to support your business activities in the self storage. Then you need to look for a self storage building with large road access so that it will make it easier for your business to run smoothly. Don’t let road access become a problem in the future so that it hinders your business activities.
If you need a private / self storage warehouse, you don’t have to look for a self storage with large road access, the most important thing is that road access can be easily passed and can be reached from various areas.

4. Make a deal
Making an agreement is important when you want to rent a self storage. You need to make sure that the self storage rental agreement or contract has complete contents regarding the rules, how long to rent, whether there are other costs if you want to extend the lease, and so on.

So, those are 4 things to consider before choosing a self storage location to rent and before renting a self storage. If you want to rent a self storage, you should look for a self storage that has a clear function of the self storage, easy road access, and the level of security provided by the self storage owner.

One of the self storage that has the best level of security and a strategic location is SpaceHub Storage which is located in the center of Jakarta, namely in strategic Menteng. Apart from that, SpaceHub also provides self storage rentals in the Daan Mogot area, Tangerang, which can be an alternative for those of you who want to rent a self storage for your business.