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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Self Storage

Finding the perfect self-storage unit for your business? Consider size, security, and service options! Optimize space, ensure safety, and choose a flexible provider. Store smarter, run smoother!

When owning a business, especially for people who have limited time, will find that finding a self storage space is the right way to keep inventory and manage daily activities.

This is because, each room can be a multi-purpose room for new business owners to start their business comfortably and without having to worry about space limitations in carrying out operational activities. Therefore, many new businesses choose self storage to support their business activities.

But even though it has become an alternative for business, of course I have a few things to do before you rent a self storage unit in order to store and run your business safely and comfortably.

Self storage unit size

When choosing a self storage unit, you need to consider companies that offer various sizes of self storage units. By doing this, you only need to pay for the space needed to store and process your business activities. You need to make a plan to find out the size of the unit you need and find a self storage unit that fits your business needs.

AtSpaceHub, we have various sizes of units for self storage, where our self storage units are small, medium, to large. We provide several locations, namely in Central Jakarta and in Daan Mogot. You can choose a location that is closest to where you live or a place that is suitable for your business.


Because you are renting self storage for your business needs so you need to bring furniture and inventory for your business activities, it is certainly very important to rent self storage that has appropriate security and can protect your self storage unit. You need to do research to find out what types of security are offered by self storage companies so that you have a calm mind during your business.

At SpaceHub you will get security facilities such as 24/7 access to your self storage unit and also 24/7 CCTV surveillance on your self storage unit. With 24/7 security, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your self storage unit while you’re not there.


Before you decide to rent a self storage unit, you need to check the terms of service to understand the benefits you will get. This is important for the long term of your business. Because your business may grow to be bigger and need additional storage space or maybe you need to reduce your storage space to save your costs while running the business.

Choosing a self storage unit requires several things to consider as a consideration for choosing the right self storage unit for your business. If you want to know more about SpaceHub you can visit our website at spacehub.id to get more information.

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  1. Checking the terms of service is very important. We have a storage fcility in Melbourne and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that never read the terms.

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