If you want to move house, you will definitely need a storage area to temporarily store your belongings during the moving house process. You can use self storage to store your belongings so they are safe and undamaged.

As you start preparing to move into a new home, you inevitably have to figure out how much stuff you actually have and tidy up and get rid of the stuff you don’t need or want to bring into your new home. Knowing which items you need and don’t need will save you money.

Moving companies charge a fee based on the time and amount of items you have, so if you take all your stuff you don’t need it will add to your expenses. The best solution is to rent a self-storage unit with a size that fits your needs.

Keeping things you no longer need in self storage will give you time to think about whether you can bring them into your new home and whether it’s better to sell them or give them away. So you don’t need to rush to decide immediately because when the rental period has ended you can extend the rental for a monthly fee.

SpaceHub as a company that provides self storage rental services can help and provide convenience for you in fulfilling your needs and desires in using self-storage. You can choose directly online what size you need to store your goods and can directly order online when you have found the right self storage unit.

Why choose SpaceHub?

1. Flexible, SpaceHub offers a variety of self storage unit sizes from small to large so you pay rent according to the right size for your goods.
2. Security, all self storage facilities at SpaceHub are monitored 24/7 by CCTV so you will feel at ease when leaving your belongings in the selfstorage unit. Then the storage unit in the SpaceHub is weatherproof so your stuff won’t be damaged. Even if you don’t need these items anymore, they still have value for sale.
3. Easy access, as long as you store items in the SpaceHub storage unit, you can access the storage unit whenever you want.
4. SpaceHub always prioritizes the cleanliness and tidiness of each storage unit so that you will be calm and not think that your items are damaged when stored in SpaceHub Self Storage.

SpaceHub can be a solution for those of you who want to move house and feel confused about where to store your items or furniture that you no longer use. To get a suitable storage unit size and price, you can directly visit our website at www.spacehub.id