When you need a self storage unit with a large size but the self storage unit is not available, it will make you confused about how to store that many items. No need to worry, you can use several small self storage units to replace the larger units. Even with a small self storage you can get several benefits, such as:

1. Better organization
When you have a business and need a storage unit with a large size, it means you have a lot of stuff and it’s also big. With multiple items and stock needing to be stored in one large storage, it would be best if you store them in a smaller and different unit. By dividing 1 large self storage unit into several smaller self storage units with different purposes, each unit will be easier for you to identify these items. Using several self storage units will also make it easier for you to enter the self storage unit for certain items. In addition, you can easily track your incoming and outgoing stock.

2. Easier to move and find items
The problem when you store items in 1 large self storage unit is that you can’t easily move around in the self storage. Especially for those of you who have a business that deals with logistics and stock management on a daily basis. Therefore, having several small self storage units will make it easier for you and your staff to track specific stock and be able to fill units easily. By filling self storage units with the same stock, you will know which units are used for stock and easily track the number of items left.

3. Better choice of location
When you find a good and strategic self storage location but there is no self storage unit with a large size, of course, a small self storage unit is the best choice. It will be easier to choose several small self storages located opposite and side by side with a location that suits your needs and desires. Of course, choosing the right self storage location will make it easier for you to access self storage. Therefore, there is no need to worry about running out of large self storage units because there are still many small self storage units that you can use and of course make it easier for you.

Now you know the benefits when you combine small self storage units. If you are looking for a self storage unit to store your belongings in Central Jakarta and Daan Mogot, you can visit our website at www.spacehub.id to get the self storage unit you need in various sizes.