A self storage area is a warehouse that is use for storing goods in a number of situations. When you are moving house, you will need a safe place to store your belongings. In addition, independent storage is also useful if you are renovating your house because of course you need a storage area for your furniture so it doesn’t interfere and get damaged during the renovation. Self storage is one of the storage places that can be chosen if you do not have extra space to store your belongings.

When you want to rent self-storage to store your belongings, it is important to choose a self-storage rental place that has a very good reputation so you can trust your belongings to be stored there. Not only make sure your items are safe in self storage but you also have to place your items in a place close to you.

To be able to assist you in choosing the right and ideal self-storage, here are 7 things you need to consider before renting your own storage.

1. Safe / Security
Security of goods and safety of goods is an important thing to consider when you want to rent your own storage. The self storage you choose must have the best security measures to protect your belongings and keep your belongings safe and secure. You need to ensure what security the company has, such as cctv, lockable access, and guard 24-hour
2. The service given by self-storage
You need to know what services the company provides if you rent self storage. A good company will provide maximum service, especially for your goods that you will store in independent storage. This includes the security of your belongings such as providing a sophisticated storage space that is pest and weather resistant, equipped with alarms to ensure goods remain safe, monitored CCTV 24 hours, and is a clean and pest-free storage room. This needs to be considered so that you can rest easy when storing your items in independent storage.
3. Location
Before renting your own storage, you need to know how far the location of your own storage that you are going to rent is from the location where you live. We recommend that you own your own storage. This needs to be done so that you can easily pick up items anytime quickly when you need them. The remote location of your own storage will hinder you if you need the items you store quickly.
4. Flexibility
You never know what your future storage needs will be. When you have items that need to be stored in storage, then your need for space is no longer the same. Important to know if the self storage company has a flexible rental agreement and storage designed to give you the freedom to move, enlarge, or reduce self storage space when needed. With a flexible company, it will provide benefits when renting independent storage.
5. Access hours
One of the things to consider if you want to rent self storage is to know the self storage access time set by the company. We recommend that you choose independent storage that has 24/7 access so you can access your belongings anytime and any day. This needs to be considered because you don’t know when you need the items you store so with 24-hour access you can come to your independent storage at any time without looking at the time and day when you want to access your independent storage.
6. Access in/out of the location
Choose a strategic self storage location. Where access in and out of the self-storage location can be easily passed by both small and large transportation. With easy access, you can easily and quickly come to your independent storage location. So if you need items that are in self-storage quickly you don’t have to worry about your journey to self storage location.
7. Size of the self-storage
The size of the self storage is also very important. You definitely don’t want to pay for storage space you don’t need. A good self storage facility is one that provides a variety of sizes so you can choose the one that fits your needs. Before choosing your own storage size, you can make a list of the items you want to store. You also need to know that these items require a wide or high space so that you can find out the space you need for your items and then make sure whether the company has the space facilities you need.

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Choosing the right and ideal self storage is the most important aspect before you store your belongings. When choosing self-contained storage you need to make sure that you have considered all the important aspects mentioned above.

SpaceHub as one of the companies engaged in the field of independent storage can provide you with independent storage that is in accordance with the aspects above. SpaceHub provides quality self-contained storage with the best service to keep your belongings safe and protected.